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Kinesiology Massage & Healing

In-person and online support to empower you to change your health for the better.


Professional training in Kinesiology and natural health events.

*equilibre = balance (French)

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A truly holistic therapy using muscle response testing, nutritional therapy, flower essences & emotional and energy balancing techniques.

People who come for Kinesiology are usually searching for the underlying cause(s) of their health issues. Their symptoms can be physical, biochemical and/or emotional.  

Available both in person and online.

A top-to-toe treatment using warmed organic essential oils and slow deep techniques for relaxation and transformation. 

Lie back on a warmed couch and allow healing energy to help with your worries. May include flower essences, oracle cards and/or crystals.

Available both in person and online.

Client testimonials ...

R.E. (Online Kinesiology)

"I am now able to eat more foods ... and my health, strength and energy have grown."

About me

Like most therapists, I'm a wounded healer. I was 3 years old when coeliac disease was first suspected, so the right diet and nutrition has always been crucial for my health. I started training in natural health in 1996 (and I haven't stopped since!). In 2006 I opened my own health food shop. But the retail recession hit and I went back to office work - where I met a Kinesiologist for the first time.


I was mind-blown by the muscle testing but, more importantly, her work and advice transformed my health. I lost 2.5 stone - which I've never put back on. And I had more energy so I could do the things I love. Cravings stopped and low moods became infrequent. I was totally hooked!


I started Kinesiology training in 2015 and I now teach Foundation and Diploma training for the Kinesiology Association. I felt so healthy and strong, I even went back to offering Aromatherapy Massage - which I absolutely love to give.


My current fascination is with energy work. I believe we are energy and we are all energetically connected. I love to work with Vibrational or Flower Essences. They give so much insight and support to the emotional aspects which are nearly always an important part of clients' healing.


I'm attuned to Rahanni Celestial Healing and bring hands-on healing into all my work.

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