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Kinesiology is a truly holistic therapy which incorporates nutritional therapy, flower/vibrational essences & emotional and energy balancing techniques. Kinesiology uses manual muscle response testing (a gentle challenge, not a wrestle!) as a tool to identify and address the underlying imbalances which lead to poor health and unwanted symptoms. My intention is always to ask (via muscle testing) "how can I help you - for your highest good?". And then "is there a nutritional supplement, essence or other remedy which would support this?". 

People who come for Kinesiology are usually searching to identify and address the underlying cause(s) of their health issues. Their symptoms can be physical, chemical and/or emotional. They have often already tried many other routes to feel better. Sometimes people get the answers they need from one session, but often they need to come regularly for a while. Some choose to continue to have regular 'maintenance' sessions. I liken it to peeling an onion ... there are always more layers we can look at!

Working with me with Kinesiology will usually involve you ordering supplements or remedies I recommend and making changes to your diet, lifestyle and maybe even your thinking and breathing. All my findings and suggestions are sent to you in an email after each session. And I may be contacted by email between sessions for any questions or further information you need. My aim is to empower you to become your own best health expert.


Kinesiology sessions are available both in person and online. In online sessions, I muscle test myself on your behalf while connecting with you via video or phone link. In-person sessions include physical and energetic hands-on balancing techniques (rubbing, running, holding) - online sessions include distance healing. Both sessions usually include a bespoke vibrational essence remedy for you to take away or receive by post (UK only).

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