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I offer Foundation and Diploma training in Kinesiology accredited by the Kinesiology Association. I have an Award in Education and Training, as well as a Certificate in English Language Teaching. In the past, I have taught Massage & Aromatherapy in Adult Education as well as professional settings, and English as a foreign language in universities and companies in France. I've been teaching Kinesiology since 2018.

My aim and intention for teaching Kinesiology is to spread the word and the work to a wider audience - because it helped me and my health so much. I believe in empowering students to become their own and best version of a professional Kinesiologist. Reading and listening are not the best ways to learn - hands-on practice and self-teaching are - so my courses are very interactive and student-led.


In the past, I have offered workshops and events on:

  • Cooking for health

  • An Introduction to Kinesiology

  • Massage with a Partner

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